Asociacion Chajulense de Mujeres

"We are a non-profit association, without political or religious interests, made up of 3,000 women from the municipalities of Chajul, Nebaj and Cotzal. We are dedicated to strengthening women economically through two programs: Community Banks and Sale of fabrics. 'The Chajulense Association of United Women' for Life was born as a search for economic alternatives for women in the Ixil area (Chajul, Nebaj and Cotzal).
Employment options are very scarce for women in rural areas of these municipalities, so we encourage them to have their own businesses that can improve the living situation of families.
The Association began its work in the year 2006 and was legally constituted in 2008 with the mission of promoting the comprehensive and participatory development of women by facilitating community organization through community banks for investment in productive projects and the production and marketing of fabrics.
We contribute to the improvement of the quality of life by training and empowering women in economic and social development in a way that is ecologically appropriate."
--Juana, President of the Board of Directors