Arcoiris Cooperative

"We are a women's group of 25 women from San Juan Cotzal called 'Rainbow.' When we first started working with women in 1990, there were 250 women in our group. Over the years, our group has gotten smaller as many older members no longer participate and instead we work with their children or grandchildren.
We were encouraged to become a formal cooperative, with a local board of directors, in 2013. Typically, we meet frequently as a group and have received training to use our weaving skills to make more 'marketable' products. 
However, we don't have an outlet to a market to sell the products that we have, especially now with the pandemic. Before, I would travel personally to Guatemala City or Antigua, Guatemala with large bags of products in activities. Now there is no public transport to get to the places I used to go and sell products. This work represents the weaving of San Juan Cotzal. We appreciate your business."
-Concepción, Cooperative Director