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Ixil Collective

Tierra Tote

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Our largest bag features a motif typical of the traditional woven blouse (huipil) of San Juan Cotzal. This motif can be traced back to an idea central to the ancient Maya worldview of cosmic duality, commonly represented by two-headed "cosmic monster" figures which unite the earth, sky and underworld. The cosmic monster represents the annual agricultural cycle, as well as the cycle of time more generally.
These figures have become abstracted over time and are now commonly depicted as zigzag lines.
All our bag panels are commissioned new to ensure we are paying weavers in the Ixil region a fair wage. Scroll through the photos to see this bag on the loom and subsequently in the workshop of Ixil Collective's partner leathersmith.
 Weaver: Teresa
 Leathersmith: Beto
 Technique: Backstrap loom with brocade design; Handcrafted leather
 Time to make: 7 days
 Origin: Cotzal, Quiché, Guatemala
 Size: 20 in. wide (upper), 13.5 in. wide (base), 12 in. deep 
 Strap drop: 11 inches
 Closure: Metal magnet
 Inside pockets: One; Open; 7 in. wide, 5.5 in. deep
 Materials: 100% Cotton (weaving) and fine grain leather (sides, base, straps); 100% upcycled cotton from The New Denim Project, a Guatemalan denim upcycling initiative (lining). 

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Rachel V
Quality, Function, Beauty

This purse is the perfect carry all size, my laptop and additional screen both fit and the straps are sturdy so I don’t worry about putting too much weight in it. It’s a one-of-a-kind bag with beautiful detailing and superb functionality.